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1:42 min

La femme artiste


Trailer, 1: 25 min, 2012

A short experimental documentary about women artists. It is based on interviews I had with 9 artists in NY and Vienna.

Wien Heldenplatz
Animation, archive material
3:06 min, 2013
Visual translation to Ernst Jandl's poem "Wien: Heldenplatz"

If this is a man


5:09 min, 2009


"If this is a man" is a free adaptation of Primo Levi's book "Survival in Auschwitz, The Nazi Assault on Humanity".
My video relates to the theme "Memory, Tragedy, and Truth", recalling Primo Levi's words which call on us to never forget, to always see and know what had happened.

Das Zimmer

3:30 min, 2010
Music: Yann Tiersen - Summer 78
Text: Poem "Derwish" by Doris Neidl


The Sin 


3:06 min, 2010

A video inspired by a poem of Iranian writer Forough Farrokzhad. It speaks about love, lust and desire. But it’s also highly mystical. 

Dana Dina

Super 8

3:18 min



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