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Interested in the complexities and contradictions of (emotional) life, my work maps out the elusive dynamics of human interaction.


Over centuries, representation of couples has evoked a fundamental desire of the human condition - the longing of an individual to connect with the "other". In many cultures around the world, the interpretation of "pairs" often expresses underlying social and philosophical ideas concerning duality that are culturally specific.


The term "couple" suggests the presence of a bond that joins two elements together. Even though most of my work features the bond between man and woman, I want to see these figurations in a broader sense, like two persons or forces paired together.  


The binary system of my work defines two theoretical opposites that are set off against one another.  It is the contrast between two terms, such as on and off, up and down, left and right, longing and distance, love and hate, fear and trust, male and female, light and dark, active and passive, motion and stillness, life and death. Contrast is needed to create a distinguishable reality.


Formally I am using a minimal alphabet:  a female and male figure, contrasted mainly by their transparent colors and tones. They almost always employ soft, pale shades, in an effort to convey the enduring humanity of the figures. Sometimes the figures develop almost entirely from the straight line. This remains a challenge to my artistry, but allows me to most clearly locate and convey the essential metaphor of the pieces: the boundaries and barriers, the lines and limits of human relationships.


In  my more recent work the elements of my compositions become abstract half circles, varied geometric constructions and non figurative elements which examine the same problem: how to bring two separate entities together, into its essence.


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